About Us

The Art is a celebration. The Multitude of art forms are attributed to Godliness. Hence, God is love while God is art.

If you look through the artist's eyes the universe doesn't look like concrete Jungle, Vehicles, Traffic, Situational, Crises, Problems, Population, Politics, Worries, Academics and the Pell-mell. Everything is a divine movement like ripples in the water, like the clouds in the sky, twinkling stars and rising sun.

The Artist sincerely attempts to capture the linguistics of nature and the language of Godliness.

Kudos to the great artists who have given to this world many monu­ments of inspirations, the ambitions cannot be measured to reach the apex and vertex points of ascension. The grandeur in the beholders eyes is the motivation to the creator's mind.

Every minute and every second is meditation and dedication. From the tip of the brush springs forward a voluminous work of art.

This young artist Mr. KK TENNETI looks at this world for divine appre­ciation, applause and blessings.

Having held the teachings and techniques revealed by his personal master trainers Mr. Hari and Mr. Nageswar Rao, renowned artists of Hyderabad. KK's Gurus, He never fails to express his gratitude towards them. Of course, many other creative brains and hearts who encouraged him too carry the same regard.

When Mr. Dinesh Chatterjee posed a question to Mr. KK TENNETI, "How do you reflect the nature of your paintings?"

KK TENNETI said "Art is divine. The inspiration is a divine ecstasy. My works are the true feelings and pulsations of my experience and obser­vation. Painting is one of the strongest ways to present my thoughts. Many of them are unconcluded and unfinished which I dont dare to call them abstract art. The nature's dimensions are innumerable and everthing inspires me. lcons, Abstracts, God forms and Theme concepts motivate me. I prefer to work with wet on wet (ala prima), Oil paints, Acrylics, Water colors, Pencil, Poster colors and Digital art works too."

KK ARTIST'S CASTLE is a creative joint which Manifests, Accumulates, Assorts, Collects, Gathers and Caters selected art works to the aspirants, art mongers and exhibitors. Looking forward to see you.